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NES - Games - #-D - Bible Buffet
Bible Buffet:
 Maker: Wisdom Tree
 Genre: Action-Packed Bible/Dietary Game
 Players: 4 players
 Release: 1993

 Gameplay: 2/10
 Graphics: 2/10
 Enjoyment: 0/10
 Difficulty: 2/10
 Overall: 1/10
    So, I was sitting and talking to my girlfriend tonight about the grand ol' Christian rapture film, A Thief In The Night, and it inspired me - why not review some of those cheesy-ass Christian games I have on my HD? Especially since, any day now, God is going to direct the SWAT team to my house to arrest me for my ROMs and Cowsills mp3s because of my irreverent attitude towards the Wisdom Tree games.
    I don't get this game at all. It's kind of like Candy Land in that the board is divided up into different sections (Veggie Land, Potato Land, Salad Land, Fast Food Land, etc...) based on different types of food. You have to spin the spinner to determine how many moves you get to make per turn. There's also a happy face and a frowny face on the spinner to denote the Theater of Tragedy undercurents in this game. If you hit the happy face, you will get a bonus which varies. If you hit a frowny face, well... let's just say it makes this game even that more challenging! The one time I got it, I got kicked back 10 spaces, so you'd better hope it never happens to *you*!
    Interspersed on the board are "Pop Quizzes" (indicated by, of all crazy things, a question mark) on the Bible. This is the only time the Bible is brought into the picture. Otherwise, it plays like a usual (crappy) game. The quiz questions aren't very easy, either, and I can't imagine anyone thinking these questions are appropriate for kids, since many of them are pretty indepth (well, for a videogame anyway) and requires reading of the more obscure books of the Bible like 1st and 2nd Samuel and Ruth. Also, the questions are not asked "in game." You can only record your *answers* in the game. You need the seperate quizbook (some of which is online) to know what the True or False question is. For a game as crappy as this, do you think anyone but the masochistic Disco Duck would bother exerting that kind of effort?
    I will say one good thing about this game, though - I KICKED ITS ASS IN LIKE 5 MINUTES!!!
    Look, my life has so few thrills anymore! Stop trying to rob me of my joy!
NES - Games - #-D - Bible Buffet
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