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NES - Games - #-D - Bigfoot
 Maker: Acclaim
 Genre: Sports/Action/Driving
 Players: 1 or 2 Players
 Release: Released in 1989

 Gameplay: 6/10
 Graphics: 9/10
 Enjoyment: 7/10
 Difficulty: 8/10
 Overall: 9/10
    Anyone heard of Bigfoot, the original Monster Truck? If You like Bigfoot this game is for you. In Bigfoot you drive around the big blue Ford through a series of events to win a championship event in New York. You start off with $5000.00 and a souped up 86' F-series pickup to drive through the wilderness against such oddball competitors as The Growler, The Crusher, and Terminator (all of whom are Yellow or Green Ford trucks with big wheels). Before each event you have to drive through the woods grabbing random items that have been layed everywhere. (What the heck are random Nitrous tanks doing in the woods anyway?) The object of the woods is to finish first after collecting as many objects as you can (including: $ Money, Nitrous Tanks, Buzzsaw blades, and Battering Rams). Then you go to the elusive BIGFOOT billboard that tallys up the score and the ammount of cash you have. After this you must spend cash on beefing up your truck in the following catagories: Engine, Tires, Shocks, and Transmission.
    After all this fiddling around you go through two to three heats of whatever event. This part of the game is a pain in the butt when you play, not do you just push a button to make the truck go, you have to press left and right on the control pad like a freak to make the truck go, and the faster you alternate, the faster the truck goes.
    Here are some of the events...
    Car Crushes: in these events you climb small hills and crush cars, and sometimes they throw an occasional mud pit in too.
    Mud Races: Almost the same as the car crush except mud pits are longer, and there are no cars to crush.
    Hill Climbs: This is the most pain in the ass event in the game. You have to climb a stinking hill (about 30000 feet high in Nintendo feet), while your engine overheats and gets damaged and as your tires shrink.
    And If you decide to play against a friend, your gonna have to decide who gets dibbs on bigfoot, sience the other truck is red and I have never seen a red bigfoot truck before.
NES - Games - #-D - Bigfoot
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