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NES - Games - #-D - Dragon Warrior
Dragon Warrior:
 Maker: Enix
 Genre: RPG
 Players: One
 Release: 1989

 Gameplay: 10/10
 Graphics: 7/10
 Enjoyment: 8/10
 Difficulty: 8/10
 Overall: 8/10
    One of my favorite game series for the NES is the Dragon Warrior (for the Japanese it's Dragon Quest) series. I love this game so much my cart is held together by Duct-Tape now (yes I have the original NES). This is the first part in the series.
    In Dragon Warrior I you are a descendant of Erdrick the great, and now it is time to fullfill you destiny by saving the Princess and Destroying the Evil Dragonlord. But there is more to this game than that very vague description at the top, it takes many hours of fighting and raising your levels and spell knowledge to beat this game, and along the way, there are many micro quests to go on.
    The Graphics are pretty good for an early NES game (actually it was originally on the Famcom 2 years before It came to the NES from what I can tell). The gameplay is one of the best for an RPG, thats the one thing that makes the Dragon Warrior series my favorite, it's simple and effective, and eveything is at balance with one another, and the gameplay is also very precice, it's just as easy to move your little blue hero one space as it is to move him 10. And the Menus work really well.
    The game is not very hard after you progress a few levels, it just requires patience, I played this game for 2 months before I beat it, and that included a few overnight playing sessions where I did not sleep for a day, so It really should have taken longer, but because I am one dedicated son of a gun, I beat the usual time.
    Overall, I love this game and it's series. I have played all of them a long way through except 3 (Which is not the best of the 4). I put them in this order as from best to worst: Dragon Warrior IV, Dragon Warrior II, Dragon Warrior, Dragon Warrior III. Long Live Erdrick.
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