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NES - Games - #-D - Dragon Warrior
Dragon Warrior IV:
 Maker: Enix
 Genre: RPG
 Players: One
 Release: 1989

 Gameplay: 10/10
 Graphics: 10/10
 Enjoyment: 9/10
 Difficulty: 8/10
 Overall: 9/10
    This is by far, in my opinion, the best RPG for the NES, it has it all, good music, good graphics, good plot, good characters, and a really good structure.
    In Dragon Warrior IV, and I will try to keep it short, you play a cast of different characters (Ragnar the Gaurd, Alena The Tomboy, Nara and Mara the Identical Twins, as well as your own character). Each one must complete their own quest relating to one another in some way to ultimatley gang together and Defeat the head meanace. The main character is "The Hero" which will be the name of your savestate in this game, who is the chosen one to defeat a creature of ultimate evil, Necrosaro. Before that though, Ragnar must free the Izmit Village kids, Alena Must prove her strength, Nara and Mara must break from their day job, Taloon must go to Endor Castle to start a bank, and the Hero must be born and gather the Zenithian arms to go and battle the creature of ultimate darkness.
    The Gameplay, is the best in this game, by this game they even lost that annoying "Stairs" feature that I rued about the first one. Another nice touch is that you can now equip and unequip your own weapons and armor, which is nice because you can accumulate gold off the old ones at the place that will give you the most for is, and it just basically makes the game more realistic and makes you think more.
    The Graphics are by far some of the best I have ever seen in a Nintendo game. There is an incredible attention to detail, some sprites and objects are only used once in the game, and it gives it a really real feel, even if it still looks cartoonish.
    The Difficulty gets more intense from character to character: Ragnar took me only a week or so to complete while the hero took me almost a month to get him to Endor to meet the others. But with this your skills improve, it's just the quests and beginning circumstances are harder each time, I got alot of skill with RPGs with this game (it was the first RPG I ever beat).
    Overall I think Dragon Warrior IV is the best RPG out there; I bet anyone would love this one.
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