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NES - Games - I-L - Life Force
Life Force:
 Maker: Konami
 Genre: Shooter
 Players: 1 or 2
 Release: 1988

 Gameplay: 7/10
 Graphics: 8/10
 Enjoyment: 6/10
 Difficulty: 8/10
 Overall: 7/10
    Life Force is a classic space shooter. For some reason or another, you must fly inside of a planet to destroy the core, and then get out of it before you're destroyed. Along the way inside, you must destroy hundreds of tiny, accurate-firing enemies. Occasionally, if you destroy the entire line, you'll get a red or blue sphere (reds can be saved for ship upgrades triggered during play, and blues destroy all enemies on the screen). There are problems with getting the spheres and keeping the power-ups:
    1. It's extremely difficult to shoot bobbing and weaving enemies while dodging the 10-100 projectiles flying towards your ship at any given moment;
    2. After you get the power-ups you want, if you take one hit (unless your power-up was the force field) you're dead. Any spheres saved up are reduced to one. This is a very frustrating thing.
    The graphics in this game are pretty rad for the NES. It has a good mixture of horizontal and vertical scrolling and the enemies are very detailed. One problem, however, is that the graphics can sometimes become slightly distracting. Distractions usually end up with a destroyed ship. The explosions don't look half bad, though. All in all, the graphics are more of a help than a hindrance in game play, because it helps bring the game more to you. The sound FX and music also are a contributing factor to being caught up in the game. Hearing the collisions of lasers and missiles with opposing ships is exhilarating. The music isn't as cheesy as many other NES games, but it still has the same techno-sound. The control in this game is excellent, but if you get too many Speed power-ups, they get looser, causing you to crash more often, losing your speed.
NES - Games - I-L - Life Force
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