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NES - Games - Q-T - Soap Panic
Soap Panic:
 Maker: Panesian
 Genre: Soft-Core Porn Tetris Clone
 Players: 1 or 2
 Release: 1991

 Gameplay: 9/10
 Graphics: 6/10
 Enjoyment: 8/10
 Difficulty: 7/10
 Overall: 8/10
    Among other things the Soviets gave to pop culture in the 1980s (Communism, the Cold War, jokes about Gorbachev's head, etc) they gave us video game players something special - a videogame! In 1989, Tetris (which had previously been on other platforms, such as C64) was released for the NES in the US and gamers all over eat it up in droves. Tetris is an addictive and fun game that had no violent plot whatsoever but rather involved trying to stack up colored blocks and make them disappear by stacking the like colored ones near one another. Tetris was so popular on the NES, it spawned a lot of knock-offs (largely unofficial). One of these was Hacker International's "Soap Panic."
    Sex in videogames has largely been a no-no when it comes to the bigger companies, leaving it to smaller, unofficial releases to cater to the (largely) teenage and young adult male audiance, who has a definite interest in seeing hot pixelated babes. Soap Panic is basically the same game as Tetris, but there are differences. To begin with, there are no multi-colored blocks. Instead there are (obviously) multi-colored bubbles, but the purpose is still the same - line up like colors and make them disappear (or, in BBB, "pop.") Next is the fact that in Tetris, the blocks came from the top and had to be arranged at the bottom of the screen, which features a very poorly rendered graphic of a nude woman (I know better than that, I've read Playboy!), which brings us to our final difference. You can't have a game called Soap Panic without delivering on the babes, right? Not only is there a nude woman at the bottom of the screen, from whence the bubbles come from, but also, apparently, women (who only speak Japanese) at the end of various levels. I've only seen one (I'm really bad at tetris) and she was in a nurse's outfit.
    All in all, not a bad game, especially since it is a Tetris clone, but if any of you out there are playing this to see "babes" (doing such for this review doesn't count) you are sad, sad people and need to get REAL pornography from Usenet!
NES - Games - Q-T - Soap Panic
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