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NES - Games - Q-T - Sunday Funday
Sunday Funday:
 Maker: Wisdom Tree
 Genre: Sunday School Adventure
 Players: 1
 Release: 1995

 Gameplay: 2/10
 Graphics: 4/10
 Enjoyment: 2/10
 Difficulty: 4/10
 Overall: 3/10
    Unlike most people, I didn't really have to go to much Sunday School. Sure, there was some, but fortunately my parents eventually ditched the whole Church concept (but not God) when I was around 10 or so. So I cannot tell you, my Internet stalkers, whether or not this game depicts a typical experience for someone going to Sunday School - the traps of Satan are many, however, and it wouldn't surprise me at all!
    Sunday Funday (the actual name) is simply a rip-off of an old Color Dreams game called Menace Beach. Now, then, about Sunday Funday - the original Menace Beach involved a kid on a skateboard, dodging enemies like men in lesiure suits doing Travolta-esque moves (my kinda guys!), Ninjas and Sumo Wrestlers, in order to rescue his girlfriend (whose clothes are slowly removed after each level you conquer) from an enemy named Demon Dan. In Sunday Funday, the kid is again on a skateboard, dodging and fighting enemies (with a trick where he spins around on his skateboard and run into his enemy) like fat women, kids in boxers and a t-shirt and a plumber, in order to get to Sunday School. Yes, seriosly - Sunday School. And for some incomprehensible reason, the enemy at the end of the game is NOT the demon from Menace Beach, but a bear. Because we all know that bears, not demons, are the true agents of Satan. Instead of your sexy, stripping girlfriend, each level ends with your unattractive Sunday School teacher getting more and more irate at your lateness to Sunday School.
    Like all Wisdom Tree games, this game seems to go on forever and the ending is like a cruel slap in the face from the game-makers., as it consists of your Sunday School teacher saying something like, "Sunday is a Fun Day When You're At Church!" Stay away from this as it is even worse than going to church!
    Included on the cartridge is one other game, Fish Fall, a pointless game, wherein a hand tries to catch fish. I really don't get the point of this game. Bible verses pop out at the end of each level, but that's about it, unless the fish themselves are supposed to be related to the Ichthus fish. I'm probably reading a bit too much into this since, let's face it, Wisdom Tree couldn't even read the chapters of Exodus that they were basing Save Baby Moses (see the review on Bible Adventures) so I doubt they'd know much at all about ancient Christian symbolism.
    Wisdom Tree actually gets the award for the last NES cartridge produced in the US with Sunday Funday, with a copyright date of 1995. I guess God does always get the last word, eh?
NES - Games - Q-T - Sunday Funday
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